Sunday, 11 December 2011

Taking the piss (literally)

Some good news for the lovers of water sports in the Islamic world! 

Scientific proof that men's pee is purer than women's pee!  Never mind that the study was presided over by a professor who is commisioned to make scientific sense of his scripture of choice.  Or that biologically, it is easier to collect urine samples free from fecal contamination from boys than it is from girls.

An interesting fact about E.Coli is that not all of it is harmful to health.  In fact, it's present in our bodies almost all our lives and can even produce vitamin K, as well preventing the establishment of pathogenic bacteria in our intestines.  Don't know how that ruins your hypothesis, professors, but I think you need to work a bit harder still to sell your religious science.

(Nearly forgot to credit Maryam Namazie)


  1. What is it with fake science and piss? First Burzynski's bullshit, now this Islamist ignorance. It's almost as if they're picking disgusting subjects in the half-arsed, juvenile hope that no one will want to investigate and find out how fucked their claims are. But they couldn't be doing that, they're operating under divine authority.

  2. It's straw-clutching, basically. They want to prove that theirs is the divine moral guide and will dig into the dregs of scripture to pull as much or as little possible hint of divine planning. It's a little sad really.

    Actually, no, what's sad is that the Arabic world used to be a hub of knowledge and forward thinking and innovation. Now, they're more concerned with examining baby piss to prove there is a god than charting stars and learning about the world as it is.

  3. This is like those creationist scientists who developed their own little version of evolution to disprove evolution...

    Anyway, I havent actually watched this here video clip cause Im about to go to bed...why does it matter to anyone, Islamic or otherwise, if lady pee is dirtier than gentleman pee?