Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Admiral Ackbar will be proud.
While most lingerie brands would usually pick a buxom lady to model their latest underwear collections, Dutch department store Hema have opted for a more unconventional choice.
Male model Andrej Pejic fronts the campaign for the ‘Mega Push-Up Bra’ from Hema that promises to ‘add two cup sizes’
I'm really impressed with this guy - it's hard enough for a woman to get a modelling deal like this.  And he makes an extremely attractive woman.

And as another feather in his cap, FHM ranked him 98th in their 2011 "100 Sexiest Women in the World".  Although in classic lads' mags fashion, his award was accompanied with a message to readers asking to "pass the sick bucket", which has since been removed from their website.  Someone must have had a crisis of sexuality in the office. 

I have to say, as far as advertising goes, this is really good.  If that bra can give a man that good a lift, it's a pretty damn good bra for a woman to consider.

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  1. Now if only they could do something about my thighs.