Saturday, 26 March 2011

A step in the right direction

 As reported by the Daily Telegraph , a group of Jesuits have agreed to pay out a massive cash sum to victims of abuse from the priesthood as "part of bankruptcy proceedings".  This is a massive win for the victims - an order of Catholic priests have actually put their hands up and admitted to the crimes performed by members of their fraternity and are giving out proper compensation and apology for it. 

In recognition of their atrocities, the US Northwest order of Jesuits "has agreed to pay $166 million to compensate some 500 mostly American Indian child victims of 'horrific' sexual abuse at religious mission schools".  For some, unfortunately, this compensation would come too late as they have passed on.  However, more recent victims could take some hope away with them from this story - if these Catholic priests are willing to put their hands up and admit the crimes commited in their brotherhood, then it'll be only a matter of time until the more recent victims can have some closure.  We can only hope, can't we?

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