Sunday, 20 March 2011

In the name of the (Super)moon, I will punish you!

Yeah... if anyone gets the reference in the title, then hello fellow geek!

So, tonight is when the moon is the closest it has been to the Earth in 19 years, resulting in a slightly bigger and brighter satellite.  I for one, in a fit of moderate insanity, took the chance to grab my MP3 player and a pair of trainers and wander around my village at midnight under the moonlight.  I was only armed with my mobile phone, so pictures are non-existant for now, but I have to say, the moon really did shine brighter than I remember.  I managed to find a nice little spot near my house, on a little clearing with a hill that gave me a perfect bed to just look up at the sky.  All stars were invisible under the moon, and at one point (I think as a result of tiredness and blurry eyesight), I could have sworn the moon was burning white flames. 

It puts some perspective, staring up like that.  The moon is such a prolific symbol to humans throughout history.  There's stories upping its significance to literal god-like status.  It was once the goal of every nation in the world with a space program to reach it.  Right now, there's still footprints on the surface where humans took their first physical steps out onto a literal new world. 

I don't really know where I'm going with this - it's very late, I just chugged some hot chocolate and sleep is gnawing at me.  Still, I was moved enough tonight to feel like I should make some sort of attempt at giving the moon a salute for a wonderful evening of thought and meditation. 

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