Thursday, 26 May 2011

Rape: Be prepared!

You know, is it really that hard for some people to drum up some empathy for a victim of rape?  They've been through enough already - violated, humiliated and abused, left broken, afraid and vulnerable.  The last thing they need is for more grief to come from somewhere that should be helping them.

This being the case, I suggest avoiding getting raped in Kansas.   Especially if you fall pregnant as a result.  This month, legislators have approved a ban on abortion coverage on general health insurance policies, the only exception being if a pregnancy risks the life of the woman.  No other exceptions - not even a pregnancy as a result of sexual assault.  Sam Brownback, the Governor of Kansas, has been hard at work it would seem police abortions in his state - he already approved restrictions on late-term abortions, health and safety standards for abortion clinics and getting doctors to obtain written parental permission for minors' pregnancies.

Lance Kinzer, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (and Republican) said it best in the article when he said that "this bill includes very crucial pro-life language".  However, I get the feeling he wouldn't have had to spit it out like I just had to, along with another delightful quote "The fundamental issue here is not — although I wish it were — the ability to further limit legal access to abortion, but rather who pays".  I could ALMOST buy that he was truly concerned about the financial welfare of those hard-up businessmen who must have to shell out bags of money for abortions.

Oh yeah, about the whole businessmen thing? Apparently the banning of abortion coverage on company health insurances is also apparently good business sense.
Supporters of the bill argue that it will protect employers who oppose abortion rights from having to pay for policies that cover the procedures.
"I would view this as an important conscience protection for Kansas business owners."
So this bill isn't to protect the women affected by unwanted pregnancy, oh no no no.  This is to take care of the poor business owners who find it offensive that a woman has the choice to not be pregnant.  This is to help all those pro-lifers make it even harder for a woman to have an abortion.  This is to help all those repugnant far-right Republicans shove their version of morality and justice down people's throats, all the while screaming it's God's will, dammit! 

What's even sadder is that other states are looking to Kansas as an example for similar legislations, undoing the work of previous Democrats who fought to protect the rights of women in these states.  Democratic State Rep Annie Kuether sums all this up well - that women are basically treated as second-class citizens. 

In fact, to drive that point further, State Rep Pete DeGraaf has compared planning for pregnancy as a result of rape as being on the same level as planning for a flat tyre on your car. 
Bollier asked him, "And so women need to plan ahead for issues that they have no control over with a pregnancy?"
DeGraaf drew groans of protest from some House members when he responded, "I have spare tire on my car."
"I also have life insurance," he added. "I have a lot of things that I plan ahead for."
Yeah, because every woman should be aware she could be raped at any given time!  Why, it seems almost logical; she's only a second-class citizen after all.  And hey, it's also one of the few places in the world where it's the victim's fault if she does get raped, outside of say Saudi Arabia, Africa and Pakistan.  Oh, but don't tell the Republicans that, they hate being compared to those "savages". 

My friend, Grace Barton, has a proposal for DeGraaf, actually.
"Can I put something to him? Can we ban his health cover for AIDS if he gets raped and catches it?"
 You know what, Grace?  Doesn't sound like a bad idea at all.


  1. I did just write a whole load of stuff about how ironic it is that the people of America are constantly going on about how they left the old world to flee religious persecution but are now being subjected to religious persecution in another guise while we frollick freely in an increasingly secular land of choice and wonder and awesomeness (I said increasingly, not entirely!) but instead I just wanna put this to the man...

    The guise of "for the economy" is wafer thin and flaky at best and the fact that you mention saving the concience of Kansas is in itself a mega huge giveaway to your true intentions. But even we Christians know that babies aren't put in there by the hand of God ( do know that...right?) and if a woman falls pregnant that doesn't mean that "God wills it". Sanctity of life aside, for not everyone will agree upon the sanctity of an embryo (because thats the point, really, not everyone thinks as you do so how can you claim to speak for the consience of Kansas?) if God really did will that these women fall pregnant by their attackers...well doesn't he will it also for you to get cancer and die a horrible painful death? Doesn't he mean for you to get coronary heart disease and just drop down dead suddenlt? Doesn't he will it for swine flu to massacre your petty ass?

    No? He doesn't will that does he? He doesn't want us to ban chemotheraputic drugs, statins and anti virals?

    The best thing this guy could do for the "conscience of Kansas" and for the sake of his immortal soul in general is to stop the hating and kill the hipocrisy. No human is a mindless farm animal who needs to be told what to do or think. We can make our own choices based upon our own moral guidance. Not everyone is going to choose your particular warped interpretation of the bible as our compass.

    People like this tool give people like me a bad name and I'm getting tired of it ¬_¬

    I mean seriously, doesn't he think what he's doing "IN THE NAME OF GOD!!!" ahem, sorry, "the economy" any different to what "those pinko bastards" supposedly did but in the name of "progress" and the greatness of the motherland? FFS!

  2. It's infectious. They're trying it over here, too.

  3. I feel another blog rage coming on.